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Candice Rosen, author of THE PANCREATIC OATH, The Measurable Approach to Improved Health and Weight Loss, explains the importance of maintaining a healthy pancreas during a lecture The Wellness Center. Her experiences as a clinical therapist and as a nurse give her a unique perspective when it comes to nutrition counseling.

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Candice Rosen is the Founder, Executive Director and Principal Health Counselor of The Pancreatic Nutritional Program (PNP).

She has spent her life's work focused on improving both the wellness of her clients and community.

Her revolutionary guide, The Pancreatic Oath, teaches about:

  • Pancreatic Abuse
  • The relationship between the pancreas, diabetes, and other chronic health issues
  • The Ten essentials of the Pancreatic Nutrition Program
  • How to test your blood glucose levels and what they mean
  • Sample Meal choices and simple, delicious recipes

From weight gain to diabetes to heart disease, what you eat and how that food affects the pancreas has a direct effect on your health.


About Candice Rosen

As the founding member of Gilda’s Club Chicago and its first executive director and program director, Candice created and coordinated a diverse array of wellness-related programming. Now Chair of Healthcare Initiatives for Chicago’s Sister Cities International Program, she works to advocate preventive medicine, increase maternal and infant healthcare, improve disability access, promote nourishing diets, and to bring awareness to the obesity and diabetes epidemics that now affect populations on a global level.

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